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3 Basic Steps of Mindfulness Meditation: (Finding My Inner Peace!)

Mindfulness Meditation: Finding Inner Peace

I know what it’s like being a walking stress bomb! In the space of a fortnight my sister died of aggressive cancer, I sold my home and moved, and to add to the miseries, my wife was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy. My husky also decided to leave home shortly after we moved, not being happy with the new place, and you know how they can run and never look back.

The stress monster was like a tight band around my chest, the panic just waiting to explode, and I walked around cursing aloud using choice words F#@%… F#@% … F#@% …

During a follow up visit to the specialist for my wife, he noticed the bags under my eyes and my clenched jaw, and thrust a script for sleeping pills and ulcer tablets into my hand…

Insomnia kept me up most nights, even after taking sleeping pills, and every morning I suffered terrible stomach cramps. During one sleepless night I trawled the internet, researching stress and the symptoms, and studied everything I could devour about relaxation techniques.

Giving Peace a Chance

I bought a mindfulness course on Amazon and some meditation music, desperate to find inner peace and reduce the stress and anxiety pressures.  It was hard to apply the techniques of mindfulness meditation because of all the distractions in my life! The meditation music was a first class investment though, soothing to the nerves, and I still listen to them everyday on my phone and on my PC, even while I work…

Still I thought I might as well practice the mindfulness meditation using the guide, because otherwise I felt the money I had paid for the book would be wasted. In the beginning it was almost impossible to calm my racing mind down with so much on my plate, the settling in to my new home, caring for the rehabilitation of my wife:  (Take a Look at my Book on Kindle: Cancer To Mastectomy a Husbands Story), and getting my finances in order. I decided to try out the method just before going to bed… I needed to let it all go because I could already feel how my body and my mind were suffering the consequences of chronic stress

My wife’s cancer made us both realize how mortal we are, and in our conversations about what had happened to my sister and to her,  this issue became a repetitive stressful discussion about how it would affect our future.

added to this, my research into stress, anxiety and relaxation techniques made me realize the dangers of serious illnesses coming from this pressure in our modern society. Even the specialist mentioned stress being a cause of the high incidences of cancer, more than ever before.

Learning how to meditate is not something you learn overnight but I persisted. I understood that mindfulness meditation works on three basic principles, and as the guide I purchased mentions, it’s a great way to manage emergency situations when chronic stress threatens to overwhelm you.

My time out to practice this relaxation technique was just before bedtime as mentioned before, because I considered this the perfect time to slow down my racing mind before retiring.

These are the three basic steps to Practicing mindfulness meditation I use:

  1. Awareness. Sitting comfortably or even standing close your eyes, and focus on the thoughts that are racing in your mind. Acknowledge your thoughts but don’t engage with them, just be aware of them.
  2. Focused Breathing. Take slow deep breaths focusing on the way your chest expands and contracts. Breathe in deeply from the pit of your stomach and out through your mouth expelling the breath completely. If your mind starts wandering back to your thoughts steer it back to focus only on your breathing.’
  3. Attention Focus. Pay deep attention of your body as a complete being leaving all thoughts to dissipate only focusing on your body. This deep focus may give you a feeling of light beding light headed while you are continuing with your deep breathing.

You will experience a sense of letting go, with your thoughts completely quieted down, the only thought being how your body is breathing and being!

  1. Release. After a few minutes or longer practicing mindfulness meditation you can release and slowly allow your thoughts to return to the present. You will feel a renewal and inner peace and strangely enough your thoughts will not return to any of the issues that were causing you stress.

Mindfulness meditation teaches you to let go of the past and focus only on the ‘here and now’. It makes you realize that the past can no longer affect you because it is just that ‘the past’

Practicing this relaxation technique before going to bed has helped me come up with solutions to problems, calmed me down and given me the focus to tackle and overcome obstacles in my life. Afterwards I listen to the meditation music albums I have bought and drift off to a peaceful sleep.

Overcoming Chronic Stress and Anxiety.

Being on the point of exploding and feeling like I was having a heart attack made me realize just how serious stress is affecting us in modern society. Life is not simple anymore and technology has added even more pressure.

In my quest to learn more about it I found that almost every second magazine has information about the serious symptoms of stress, especially how it can spiral out of control causing major illnesses and disease. This prompted me to build so that I can provide information on these issues and the best courses of action to help people relax and find the relief from pressures and fears, worrying and anxieties.

Society and fast paced rushed living can become overwhelming, and many people are ticking time bombs waiting to explode into destructive anger, succumb to illness, or even suffer a heart attack because they never found ways to relieve the huge stress they had to suffer every day.

It’s a scary statistic that deaths from stress related issues are on the increase and if you do not want to become a statistic then learn how to relax before it’s too late… I am sure you will find a suitable solution on this website to do just that!



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