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6 Celebrities Suffering From Anxiety Disorders.

6 Celebrities That Suffer Anxiety Disorders and Anger Issues.

Anxiety Disorders in me You and celebrities…

Most people put celebrities on a pedestal, forgetting that they are human just like you and I. As a matter of fact, celebrities suffer just as much from stress and anxiety, depression and even loneliness. They also suffer from anxiety disorders and high levels of stress too!

The modern stress epidemic is affecting everyone and being in the limelight all the time puts added pressure on celebrities because one wrong move and the media can destroy them!

Here are a few celebrities that suffer from anxiety disorders and these are just a few examples: (Source People Magazine)

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1.Barbra Streisand suffers from a social anxiety disorder and this issue prevented her singing in public for decades. During a performance in 1967 she forgot her words but sought help for her anxiety disorders and managed to make a comeback in 1994.


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2.Jessica Alba suffers from a number of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) from childhood but claims the disorder helps her focus and achieve to the best of her ability.


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3. Charlize Theron has quoted that she suffers from an OCD as well losing sleep over a disarranged closet, as she is compulsive about neatness and order.


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4. Cameron Diaz, a popular celebrity quotes she has an obsession with rubbing doorknobs and washing her hands multiple times every day. She also has n OCD with opening doors using her elbows.


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5. Rosanne Barr suffered from depression anxiety and other disorders in 1994 and had to undergo treatment to overcome these issues.

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6. Kim Basinger has publicly spoken about her social anxiety disorders that has been an issue from her days as a student and would suffer anxiety and panic attacks during classes.

Many other celebrities suffer stress, anxiety disorders, and anger issues, with many having to seek professional help to overcome them.

Celebrities such as Charlie sheen Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn have exploded into anger on set and even in public! Handling the constant pressure of the media watching every move they make hasn’t helped either. Most celebrities walk a tightrope of having to be at their absolute best when in the public eye…Everyone can suffer from anxiety disorders and there are many triggers that cause them too…

Celebrities are under this constant stress and  pressure on how to act in public, on vacation and while performing on set  with everything from their relationships to what they eat under scrutiny from the media.

Life can become too much for anyone, including celebrities, and sometimes you need to step back and learn to let go. Chronic stress and anxiety affect your lifestyle in negative ways, worst of all resulting in serious health issues.

We all need to learn how to relax…



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