Purging Clutter, Why Your Mess isn’t Just Gross, It’s Ruining Your Life.

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Purging Clutter, Why Your Mess isn’t Just Gross, It’s Ruining Your Life.

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I’ll never forget my friends nasty car, loaded down with crap.

He was picking me up.

It was a nice thing to do, for sure.

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disturbed by the pure amount of random crap he had jammed into every conceivable crevice of the car.

I’ll admit, I can’t stand clutter. I’ve lived clutter free for about a year now, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Imagine sitting on this for thirty minutes straight…


But back to the story….

He had a four door Sudan, but the entire back row was filled up completely.

Taxes, informational sheets, and flyers.

sunglasses, plastic cups and spoons.

Every single fast food chain wrapper imaginable.

I actually had to sit on junk in the front seat!

He acted like it was no big deal:

Friend: “Just move that stuff over man.”

Me: “Move it over! Dude, there’s stuff EVERYWHERE.” “Do You ever think about taking some of this crap out!?”

Friend: “It’s fine, just sit down.”

Me: (Realizing it’s not worth it, a little pissed that I’m sitting on garbage).

The silliest thing about it?

I could tell he was annoyed at his own mess.

He was stressed out and embarrassed by the crap spewed all throughout his car.

It looked like somebody was living in that thing.

I don’t blame him. How can you let something you own get so gross and disorganized and not let it affect you.

You can’t. That’s the only answer.

At least, you can’t cope with clutter and feel good about yourself and your life.

You see, the environment around you says everything about your mental, emotional and spiritual state.

Physical chaos via a disorganized life means mental, emotional and spiritual chaos.

Don’t believe that?

Take a gander here and here to see what it means in real numbers.

Or ask George Carlin how serious all this stuff can really be (somewhat NSFW).

Although, the above links tell you what you guys already know.

Being disorganized, with tons of clutter and crap everywhere…

Sucks, big time and it makes you feel crummy.

It’s something that doesn’t usually bother you too much moment to moment. You can tell yourself it’s no big deal.

That is until you have to go get your daughter from soccer practice,

And you can’t find your keys.

Or you’re trying to hold it together after a draining breakup,

And all the nasty kitchen mess makes you feel awful about yourself.

And we ALL know the whole “it’s a little messy right now,” apology for our places.

Most of us have heard it and said it more than once.

You need to get it all under control.

The main reason is more than just vanity.

It’s more than just not annoying the person you pick up with your homeless car.

It’s about your overall health.

I repeat,

Your immediate environment informs your overall health.

 Shitty mental stability, emotional equilibrium and spiritual connection tends to mean a shitty physical environment.

And vice versa.

So it’s time to cut the rot off here and now.

“But where do I start?”

Have no fear, the WellnessGuru is here to take care of that.

Well that’s not exactly true. You’ll have to put in the work yourself.

Don’t panic, living clutter free is not that hard to do if you have the right knowledge.

But if you want to change how you feel by changing your environment,

You’ll have a blueprint.

There’s a few keys to getting it done.

That includes how to organize your kitchen, office, car, kids rooms, and I’ll explain how that improves every part of your health overall.

This little guide is the quickest way to get rid of clutter that I’ve personally developed to save time.

General/Miscellaneous- Let me guess, somewhere on that coffee table are a stack of random pamphlets, papers, trinkets, little toys, bottles, plastic cups and a whole lotta other crapola.

I get it. Nobody wants to collect random informational flyers about that new garage band, but there it always is, somehow on your table.

Random tooth picks on the floor, bowls, pieces of cereal, and even chew toys if you’re a pet owner. I’ve been there, and any person who goes out into the world has been there. The key isn’t necessarily to block all this stuff coming in. It will way or another, but you just have to funnel it properly. That means you need to set aside a time each week (that’s often enough) to sort it out.

I recommend a Sunday. No you don’t have to be religious, but Sunday’s are generally the universal “catch up,” days. You can do it at any time of week, but I personally do it on Sunday mornings.

In fact, I would immediately get to it as soon as you do your normal wake up routine. After the coffee, shower, shave etc., get a small trash bag and go into all general spaces in your home or apartment (except garages).

Put everything you don’t actually need into a bag. How do you know that? Ask yourself a few questions:

“Will I NEED this anytime soon?”

“Is this necessary for my career or lifestyle?”

“Does this thing do something I need to live or stay healthy?”

You can do your own, but the questions should be along these lines. Remember to answer with your first knee-jerk reaction. If you have to think about it hard, the answer to any of these questions is no.

You may think you don’t need to clean this space, but you’d be wrong. Even if you have a small studio apartment, this is huge.

The last thing you want to see after a long hard day is a bunch of crap all in your way when you walk through the door. Likewise if it’s what you have to walk over as you leave your place it sets a bad tone.

It’s a spiritually demoralizing way to start or end the day.

You may feel like you’ve gained a lot of space, because you can finally see all the parts of the floor and tables in your place. When stuff is buried,  you don’t truly see the clean space you have.

I know when I started doing this, I automatically felt less rushed, stressed and anxious. It feels like you’re on top of your general life situation.

Office/Home Office- This one is obvious. When you’re grinding in your home office, the last thing you need is a sticky wrapper or some meaningless trash covering your work.

You want to have a clean, clutter free desk where all parts of your work are neatly laid out for maximum focus. My desk has a clear rectangular set-up.

That means my wallet is on one side, there’s my keys above that, a book for notes above that etc. Everything is laid out like that. I also have my laptop dead center, and there’s a space to the right of that for writing the notes.

Seem a little bit too nerdy and neat?

I would have thought so too. But just try it for yourself. There’s a certain feeling of skill you suddenly feel when you have it this rigid. You truly feel more capable and confident in whatever you’re doing.

Bedroom/Bathroom- Also straightforward. An unsightly bathroom sets the tone for your entire living space. A nasty bathroom says a lot about your personal sense of self-love. It tends to indicate that you don’t care a great deal about your inner or outer health.

That’s harsh, but it’s been my experience the majority of the time. It’s also been true for me during different periods of my life. It’s gross sure, but it doesn’t take that long to get some toilet bowl cleaner, a few paper towels, and some basic bathroom tile cleaner and get to work.

You’ll feel cleaner after you get done.

Yes, you actually feel cleaner, and like you’re a higher quality human being worthy of dignity and respect. Good bye clutter, hello self-worth.

And that my friends is invaluable. Plus, you won’t every worry about that guest seeing a nasty bathroom again.

Cars/Trucks- Nothing like getting a paper cup stuck under your accelerator. The friend who had the trash heap car had this problem also. This meant he was literally putting himself in danger. You can’t even properly accelerate and brake your car. That’s F**ing absurd if you don’t mind me saying. It would take 1o seconds in real time to get that cup that might get you seriously injured or killed.

Or, you have to suddenly try and move crap around, not something you need to do while you go 70 MPH on the interstate.

Rejuvenating and Reinvigorating.

The effects are a little hard to believe. They go beyond just someone not judging your mess. When you keep everything nice and clean it actually makes you feel competent.

At what you say?

At life.

Truly, you feel as if you have a better handle on dealing with day to day life. Little annoyances mean less. You don’t stress out over temporary setbacks, and you have more of a sense of calm during challenging times.

Have order even when there’s chaos!

Life is hard, and you need every possible advantage, head start and method to get ahead. You need all these things just to keep your head above water.

The beautiful thing about life is that if you can handle the bad times well, the sky’s the limit during the good times. It makes sense doesn’t it?

The same methods that make you handle stress and problems can make you take full advantage of good times.

It just so happens that clutter clearing is a big part of that. Because when you get rid of a cluttered desk. Something else happens.

You get rid of a bunch of emotional clutter, or mental clutter, and you are stronger overall. I sound like a broken record, but you’ll only understand how powerful this is if you make the transformation (and trust me, it is a transformation).

Admittedly, I’m still in the process of perfecting organization in my own life. Also, I would be lying if I said I came up with it all on my own. No, there are a few amazing guides that I built my little system off of.

Notably, there’s this eye-opening guide which taught me the key principles to keep in mind. It’s an expanded version of the principles I introduced here, but it takes it a bit further.

Yet, it’s a game-changer period, because it doesn’t make the mistake most organization guides make.

It doesn’t make you buy a bunch of unnecessary crap to get organized. Many do this, and that is the same problem I personally had with others.

You spend more time and money and waste space getting tools to organize,

instead of just getting organized.

My information will take you far, but check that out if want something a bit more in depth with other solid strategies I’ve tried personally.

And for those of you who have A LOT of stuff you manage.

There’s this gem by Maria Gracia.

I don’t recommend checking this one out unless you have a large family and/or a large house with a ton of stuff. It goes beyond what most of us need.

Maria is basically the “clutter lady,” and is probably the biggest expert in this area period.

Most of us just need to simplify and organize fewer things. After all, the whole point is remove many unnecessary items that only serve to stress you out.

But some of you have to take care of three kids, two dogs so I’m thinking of you.

Or, you’re older and you have a lifetime of memories to sort through.

Where holding on to under 200 things might be a bit tougher to do. I wouldn’t want to ask you to throw away everything which holds sentimental value to you. So it’s for those of you who have to organize a bit more.

It also keeps the same principles in mind though.

Parting Words:

Life has enough difficulty as it is. The last thing you need when you’re trying to move, getting over a breakup or are recovering from addiction is a cramped, dirty space.

The type of immediate environment you live and work in sets the stage for how you perform and live as a human being. It isn’t just a person annoyed at your mountain of trash in the car. It’s literally who you are.

Never forget that.

So who do you want to be?

Someone who lives in constant chaos and clutter.


When everything’s clean and organized.

Someone who’s on top of everything in their life.

whether in life or with their desk space.

The two go hand in hand.

Thanks for reading today ladies and gentlemen.

Signing off for now. Stay competent and chaos free.










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