Identifying & Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children

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Identifying & Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children

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Understanding Anxiety Disorders in Children!

Identifying & Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children

Is your Child Excessively Anxious and Insecure?

With more social pressures, the technology age and parents being busy with fast paced careers the increase in anxiety disorders in children is exploding.  Parents need to remember that children don’t know how to express their feelings of worry and anxiety so it is up to parents to identify the symptoms and treat the disorder as soon as possible before it escalates into panic attacks. Excessive worry and anxiety , can feel overwhelming for children and parents need to spot these feelings and address them with appropriate treatment as soon as possible!

Anxiety disorders in children is becoming a leading health problem all over the world, and the biggest problem for parents is not knowing how to spot the symptoms of worry and anxiety in their children. Physical symptoms like stomach aches, headaches, muscle pains, fatigue and lack of appetite can all be caused by excessive anxiety in children. If anxiety disorders in children are never treated then they can become problems in adulthood and even develop into severe panic attacks. Children can hide their fears and anxieties for fear of disapproval from their parents or peers, and parents can sometimes wonder what causes those angry outbursts, tantrums and superstitious behavior.

Some Common Anxiety Disorders in Children.

There are many common anxiety disorders in children beginning with separation anxiety where children do not want to lose the security of being with their parents. Other anxiety disorders in children can develop into phobias which are extreme fears, perhaps being medical, animal related or environmental fears for some examples.

Treating Anxiety disorders in Children: Help for Child Anxiety

Fortunately anxiety disorders in children are very treatable if they are identified by parents either through self help programs or if they are extreme anxieties with the help of therapies. Children that worry about multiple different issues all the time fall into a category called generalized anxiety disorders. Worries could be about school, friendships, safety, about family members, health and many other problems the child believes are insurmountable. Social anxiety disorders in children are the highest on the list of common problems and this is the same for being the most common anxiety of many adults as well.

The Feelings of Anxiety Explained.

Feelings of anxiety are usually described as being extreme feelings of fear and worry, apprehension and distress, and with adults struggling to cope with these feelings you can imagine how they will affect a child. Anxiety disorders in children feel overwhelming to them and feelings of nausea, sweating, pain and headaches are magnified.

Child Anxiety Disorders

The Child skewed thoughts on their environments and surroundings cause them to develop anxiety which affect all aspects of their lives the worst being education. Children with anxiety disorders have problems functioning and interacting with others in normal everyday life, because they do not understand, nor can cope or handle their extreme feelings of anxiety.

Untreated anxiety disorders in children can develop into phobias and panic attacks. This will cause even further stress in young children, and some of the fears can even become irrational to the parents. It is important for parents to be able to identify anxiety disorders in children and find appropriate treatment for them as soon as possible. If this never happens the fears will carry over into adulthood and affect the normal quality of life in many aspects.

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