What are You Stressing About Today? (The ‘Shit’ Will keep On Coming and ‘The Fan’ will keep On Spinning)

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What are You Stressing About Today? (The ‘Shit’ Will keep On Coming and ‘The Fan’ will keep On Spinning)

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What Are YOU Stressing About Today?

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You Want to Stress Yourself to Death? its Your Choice…?

Reading the news everyday in the paper or watching it on television is enough for the average person to lose faith in humanity, and any sort of bright future ahead, never mind feel fearful of what the future holds for all of us. Sure there are a scattering of ‘feel good stories’ that could make you feel a little better in the media, but the reality of the world spinning out of control cannot be escaped, and that reality is the shit is really starting to hit the fan.

Subconsciously we are stressing about the growing incidences of world disasters, adverse weather patterns, the massive world immigrant crises, looming war and aggression, terrorist attacks, and new incidences of diseases. Those are the realities right now..

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It’s obvious we are all under extreme amounts of stress right now just being aware of it all, and with personal problems and worries being added to this… chronic stress starts to develop. If you are experiencing daily low grade or full blown headaches, feelings of emptiness in your stomach, loss of appetite, and excessive worry about stuff…one could tell you NOT to read the news. But then, someone at work would say did you hear about… this… or that happening, often something negative or bad in most cases, and you would not be able to avoid it anyway, so you start stressing on that, to add to your already heavy stress burden you are carrying on a personal level.

Bad news sells papers, goes viral on social media websites, makes television headlines, and front page of magazines. You are going to get your daily dose of bad news no matter how hard you try to avoid it, because just standing in a queue at the supermarket you will read the headlines on the magazine rack or newspaper stands. Or you will see something on Facebook or on a social media website you visit regularly..

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Stress May Kill You Before Bad News Does…

Heart attacks, nervous breakdowns, diabetes and cancer can all be triggered by stress, and then the stress of being ill or someone in your family suffering a dread illness just adds to the overload. It’s a vicious cycle of stress, worry and anxiety, only we have the power to break, and if you take some time reading up all the helpful ways to relieve stress and let go, you will benefit hugely from applying them. If you don’t start really living your life from today, it will be over before you have a chance…

The Good Life is Just Living and Letting Be.

When you are suffering from an illness, or struggling financially, you may be the type of person that patronize them-selves by telling yourself there is someone that is worse off than you, or even more ill than you are. Forget about doing this… because you are your own person. Seek out the good positive things we have, look at the beauty of nature in all its glory, learn gratitude and thankfulness for what you have, and help others where you can.

The universe seeks to find a balance all the time and if you live in harmony with everything, you will become part of that balance and start really being able to live life to the fullest. Read some helpful guides on managing stress and learning to relax which will make life worth living again in peace and harmony. No matter how bad thing s look in the news, there is someone that will sort it out one way or the other.

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