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5 Tips to Understand, Manage and Control Stress!

Meditation And The 5 Keys to Managing Modern Stress.



Stress rules almost everyone’s lives today, and technology plays a large role in this. Smart-Phones are a curse and a blessing, the former because anyone can get hold of you at anytime almost anywhere, and the latter is because they can make our lives simpler, even by helping you with meditation.

There are some great applications on smart phones that offer music for meditation and yoga, teach you meditation techniques, and even adult coloring  applications, which has been discovered is a super method  to clear your mind of stress.

Stress causes depression and affects your body in numerous different ways, most which are negative. Examples, of serious illnesses derived from being stressed all the time are cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes, but there are many others besides.

Excessive Stress can cause you to live an unfulfilled, fearful life; cause you to become ill, destroy relationships, lead to depression, and even nervous breakdowns. Surely you will agree then that it is worthwhile investing in ways to reduce, or at least manage stress levels so that stress does not rule your life?


  1. .Stress comes from within Your Mind

Stress begins in your mind and subconscious and starts controlling your thoughts and behaviors. Common examples of modern stress are caused from financial burdens, career related, relationships, and technology pressures, fear of the future, world events, and feelings of inadequacy.

  1. Meditation Mind Control to Rule Stress

Thinking peaceful thoughts and meditation is an effective way of controlling stress, but in fast paced modern lifestyles not so simple. Meditation takes control and will power, never mind being able to find the quiet time in our busy lives; between careers, appointments, family pressures, and commitments.

Meditation is a method that is proven to work where you need to induce your mind into complete relaxation states. The methods to do so are numerous, ranging from using aromatherapy to combining meditation with yoga practices.

For example meditating with aromatherapies, the scents of jasmine, lavender, and rose can induce inner relaxation of the mind and produce calming thoughts.

Scented candles, soft specific meditation music, scented oils and incenses with the practice of yoga and body relaxation, all help to manage and control stress.

  1. Meditation Practices to Release Pent Up Stress

When you are in highly stressed states, problems are magnified and solutions not easily found. Meditation can focus energy to your mind, and solutions will appear. This is no idle statement either.

The ancient art of meditation has been practiced by eastern cultures, the monks, Chinese and Japanese, and many others, and now in the western world it has been realized that the benefits are numerous.

Meditating focuses your mind, allowing jumbled thoughts and messages in your brain to dissipate. This focus provides you with clarity on the thought you are holding, the problem you need to solve, and causes anxiety to float away.


  1. Steps to managing Stress with Meditation

In your fast paced daily life you need moments of peace to slow down, and allow yourself to release the negative stress build up. Without doing this, you are on a path towards self destruction.

Practice meditation in a place that is quiet whether at the office during a tea or lunch break, or in your home where you will be undisturbed. The simple method is focusing on your body parts starting from your toes, and forcing them to relax one at a time while zeroing your mind on them. The deep sense of relaxation you will feel may also make you sleepy, but stay focused on clear thoughts.

You may feel as if your body is weighted down while trying to meditate the first time, because your body becomes so relaxed and in tune with itself.

Once relaxed, focus on one thought; which could be a problem you are trying to solve for example, and you will see images in your mind like memories which you must let go of. Put your mind into a place of peace and visualize somewhere pleasant that you have been to where you felt peaceful and harmonious. Solutions will be released to you afterwards by your subconscious…

Meditation clears out all the clutter, and allows your mind to iron out problems, calms down racing thoughts, and allows your body to renew itself while ridding of excess chemicals caused by stress.

  1. Technology Stress Management

There are wonderful aids to helping you learn how to meditate and relieve stress even with technology. Calming Zen and meditation music, imagery, and even meditation techniques can be found in the thousands of applications available. Practice how to manage and control stress by taking advantage of these applications.

  1. Nutrition Stress Management

Relieving stress through meditation can help you control your racing jumbled mind while good nutrition boosts your body defenses against the negative causes stress has on us.

Fresh fruit vegetables, green tea, plenty of liquids and vitamins all help keep your immune system strong.

Read more about stress management and anxiety on this website and share these resources with your friends that are suffering from excessive stress that is ruling their lives…