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9 Tips: How to Be Happy In the New Year & Forever!

Take It Easy, Enjoy Life, and Be Happy in the New Year

Be Happy… Live Happy!

In a previous post I mentioned that life can be tough, and what may seem like an obstacle for someone else, is a breeze through for another. You may be over-complicating your life without realizing it, magnifying small problems to make them seem insurmountable, making your life miserable, but not knowing why…

Remember back in your childhood days when everything seemed simple, with our only thoughts of sweet things, cookies, toys, and coloring in; the tooth fairy and Santa Claus.

Children do not care about things they know nothing about, and do not let problems bother them, working around them or brushing them aside.

Relive Being a Happy Carefree Child

As adults we dwell on things that cannot be changed, life death, relationships, success, failure, anxiety of the future, careers, and what we hear in the media. You will never be happy allowing yourself to be concerned about people or events that you have no control over.

How you look at these situations and events, and feeling like you are responsible is an obstacle to your happiness. Think back on your carefree childhood days, and the way you viewed things then.

Apply these 9 simple tips on how to be happy, carefree and joyous in the coming year.

  1. Cherish Simplicity like you did as a child.

Believe in honesty, kindness and revel in the power of love, enjoy the warmth of a hug and g hug those you love. Learn how to dream again in your imagination, learn how to be positive, and savor every joyous moment.

  1. Stop being so serious.

Accept failure as a learning curve, forgive yourself for your mistakes and move on. We all mess up things, sometimes say the wrong thing and deliver hurting words in anger. Learn how to be forgiving, apologetic when you need to be, and grateful for all your life experiences. Loosen up and laugh at mistakes because life is going to be full of them along the way.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people, and those you love.

Get a pet to love and enjoy the feeling of being loved back by them tenfold ( unless it is a fish:). Record those special moments with photos, and revisit these to remember the happy moments. Keep away from negative people because they will drag you down.


  1. Be Grateful Charitable and Embrace change.

You hate your job but it pays well? Look at finding another job that you will enjoy and when you have it then quit and move forward. You do not have to spend your entire life in a career or job forced on which makes you miserable.

  1. Pursue your passions.

Save up and plan that special trip you always dreamed of that new car you would love to own, or complete your degree or diploma course you always wanted. You know the bucket list? Write down yours and purse every task your heart desires

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

To be happy you need to learn how to stop pushing yourself too hard, perhaps trying to please everyone in your family, your career, or keeping your friends and social circles happy.

Comparison anxiety makes your life miserable, and at the end of the day it’s just not worth it anyway, especially where it concerns materialistic things.

  1. Stay Fit and Eat Healthy… Most of the time.

No, this does not mean sticking on a miserable diet, but rather making better food choices. Don’t go on guilt trips every time you eat something you know is not healthy, because this will cause you undue stress. Sometimes letting it all go and tucking in to decadent comfort food makes life all that more worth living.

  1. Don’t Worry or Assume.

Worrying about things that have not happened and may never occur anyway is a sure way to place obstacles in your life and cause you anxiety and stress. Don’t fret about not getting that job you had your mind set on, not achieving your goals because there is a next time and a new opportunity just around the corner, and probably a better one at that! Don’t always expect the worst, because if you do then that is what you will get!

Change your ways of thinking, close your ears to criticism, for making mistakes, or believing in rumors. Don’t wallow in self-pity, and never criticize yourself either. The universe has a way of helping people with negative thoughts fast track to making these become a reality.


  1. Before you can understand how to be happy, you need to know what makes you happy, and once you have, you can revel in these special moments.

The warm feeling of joy you get from receiving a compliment, eating your favorite foods, or when your partner or child tells you they love you are all moments of joy and when you combine these they contribute to overall well being.

The endorphins released from these experiences boost your immune system, make you feel great, content and fulfilled.  Instead of seeking out the next great feeling, thrill rush, or special moment; to learn how to be happy, rather means reliving these joyous occurrences in your lives, and savoring them.

Modern lifestyles being so rushed make us seek out the next thrill before we have taken the time to savor the simple joys of little things, like the examples mentioned… long enough.

Change your attitude this year and applying these simple practical ways of living you will learn to be happy and fulfilled.