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Basic Meditation Tips For Everyone!

Practice these Highly Effective, Basic Mindful Meditation Exercises.

The most effective way to reduce stress is by practicing a few basic mindfulness meditation exercises.  These exercises can also help build your self esteem and help you become more confident. Many people  fail at getting the benefits of meditation, because they do not practice it properly or make it become more of a chore than a pleasure. It is wise learning how to meditate properly, and also realize that you can do it for a few minutes to longer, with music, imagery and visualization techniques.

There are many different types of basic mindfulness meditation exercises. One of the most common is taking a slow, relaxing walk by your-self. This is best done through a park surrounded by nature. Proper Breathing Techniques are also a vital part of meditation,  and if you like you can add Yoga for fitness, weight loss and effective stress relief.

If you want to practice relaxation meditation while walking as mentioned,  while walking, try to stay relaxed and focused only on yourself, and the way you are breathing. At first, you might feel a little bit silly doing this which is natural. Try to push these negative thoughts out of your mind though, by focusing on your surroundings and breathing.

Remove Yourself from Reality..

Another basic mindfulness meditation exercise you can try, is the “step inside a painting” technique. For this exercise, you will need to find a picture or painting that you find visually appealing. Place this picture a few feet away in a comfortable area where you will not be disturbed. You can also do this with beautiful pictures of calm scenery and nature.

Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. After a few minutes your breathing will slow and you might notice that your body starts to feel relaxed. Slowly open your eyes and start to focus on the painting or image you have chosen. Try to be aware of the scenery, and take notice of the color and the lines or parts of the image. Really allow yourself to take in the entire picture and become one with it.

Now, close your eyes and recreate the image in your mind. As you do this, imagine yourself “walking into the picture or painting. Take in all the surroundings inside this picture. Try to imagine the situation that is happening around you. Once you believe that you are inside the picture, try to imagine yourself looking out of the picture, into the outside world.

Meditating Away the Stress and Finding Peace and Serenity!

Visualize yourself sitting peacefully, eyes closed, simply meditating. Take in the room you are sitting in and create an image of it looking out from the painting that you are currently inside. This technique takes a lot of practice; however it can be very blissful and relaxing once you have mastered it. (Remember what I mentioned before about not practicing meditation correctly or making it become a chore t rather than a pleasure.)

These are just two of the basic mindfulness meditation exercises that you can try yourself at home. They might take you a few sessions to master, but once you have, you will find a sanctuary for yourself to go to in order to relax and reduce stress. Learn more about reducing stress through breathing and meditation here!