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Practical Methods for Treating Fear of Flying!


Treating Fear of Flying Phobias.

At some time or another you may have to travel somewhere by air and if you have a fear of flying then this can cause all sorts of problems for you. Fear of flying is a phobia that millions of people all over the world suffer from and some have the fear to such an extreme they will suffer panic attacks.

Most people whether having a fear of flying or not will feel the most scared during take offs and landings and these are certainly noisy unstable moments. The real facts are that it is safer flying than driving and it is common knowledge that air disasters are few and far between.

Beat your fear of flying for good!

Research has shown that the fear of flying is often caused by other underlying phobias which may be fear of confined spaces known as claustrophobia or fear of being in crowds known as agoraphobia.

If these phobias are properly addressed then fear of flying may abate and overcome completely in many instances. Each person deals with stress in their own ways when it concerns fear of flying ranging from developing migraines, to insomnia the night before. Some may even suffer full blown panic attacks if their fear of flying is extreme!

Ways of Treating the fear of flying?

There are some practical tips to overcome the fear of flying which are quite simple. Firstly try and book seats at the front of the plane because turbulence is felt a lot less here than by the wings

Dress in comfortable clothing like track suits and loose fitting shoes for the flight and take something like an ipod or walkman to play relaxing music to take your mind off flying.

Avoid drinking  drink alcohol before or during a flight because this will n ot calm your nerves like you think but cause you tol become even more fearful and paranoid as well. If you really have a problem with any sort of travel there ar calming medications that helps with fear of flying.