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Beating The Fear of Failure!

Signs that You Have a Fear of Failure!

We all Make Mistakes. Understand This, and Overcome your fear of Failure!

Most of us never even consider that we might have a fear of failure, or fear of not being able to perform when the situation arises. If we fail at something or are unable to complete the task, we simply make up an excuse to make ourselves feel better. Unfortunately there will come a time when there is a particular situation or issue that needs to be dealt with  firmly, and when this happens we simply have no idea how to cope. This is usually when the fear of failing will set in, and cause unnecessary stress in our lives, and future anxiety when faced with similar situations again.

A few of the signs that you might have a fear of failure include the inability to challenge yourself, stopping yourself from progressing or moving forward, procrastination, giving up too easily, never setting any goals and most importantly always worrying what other people might think of us. If you have experienced any of these signs, or fall into any of these categories then there might be an underlying fear of failure. Everyone makes mistakes all their lives, and no one is perfect, with an ability to do EVERYTHING that is expected from them!

Does a simple challenge make you back away from it, cause feelings of anxiousness and anxiety, and do you make excuses to avoid it? Does the thought of a challenging situation ever frighten you? If these things sound familiar and you start to see a pattern forming, do not start to stress about the fear of failure. There many ways that you can overcome this fear and anxiety,  and start living the life you’ve always wanted to. Life coaching can help you beat your fears and anxiousness, while realizing you are limited in what you can do will make you feel human!

Treat fear of Failure One Step at a Time!

The first thing you have to do to overcome a fear of failure is to stop procrastinating and avoiding situations that confront you at home, in your job, or financially. When a new challenge arises, often many of us will want to wait for the perfect moment to start the project, or rise to the challenge. The truth is that there’s never a perfect moment, and the best time to start is right now when the ideas are still fresh in your mind.

Overcome Fear of Failure Starting Today.

You also need to stop sabotaging your projects or any progress that you make because you have fears you will not be able to be successful.. Do not put up obstacles or talk yourself out of a particular situation before you have even tried. For instance if you want to do a particular DIY project at home but have no idea where to start, give it a try anyway, and even if the outcome is not exactly what you expected, you will have some form of satisfaction that you were able to do it even if you didn’t do it perfect.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, forget what other people think. They do not live your life for you. If you happen to take on a project and it doesn’t work out the way you want it to, do not be ashamed of what others think. Rather get in the mindset of thinking of whether or not they could have done it better themselves. Where it comes to performance issues then some time or another you will not be able to rise to the occasion , but there will always be a next time….